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A Little Seed
A little seed        
For me to sow...    

A little earth       
To make it grow...
A little hole         
A little pat...        
A little wish,        
And that is that.   

A little sun,       
A little shower...
A little while,      
And then-a flower   


Dig A Little Hole


          Dig a little hole.
          Plant a little seed.
          Pour a little water.
          Pull a little weed.
          Chase a little bug--
         Heigh-ho, there he goes!
         Give a little sunshine,
         Grow a little rose.


Seed, Sprout, Flower

A seed is planted;
First a sprout,    
then stem,         
and leaves,      
and buds       
come out.      
Buds grow bigger,
smelling sweet,
bees and birds come
'round to eat.
Bees and birds
help flowers spread
their new seeds on
the garden bed.....
A seed is planted.
              By Helen H. Moore

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All My Perfect Plant Parts

I've got roots to help me hold my ground.
My stem keeps my body from falling down.
Inside my leaves is where my food is found.
My flower makes seeds so I'll spread around.


How to make a garden

Find a spot, not very big,
with soft brown dirt that you can dig.

Get the seeds you'd like to grow
And plant them nicely in a row.

Put a bit of dirt over each seed.
Then water each one. That's what
seeds need.

Sun and rain help a garden grow.
Soon little sprouts begin to show.

Take care of it, and in a while,
your garden is sure to make you smile.




I put my seed into the ground
And said, "I'll watch it grow."
I watered it and cared for it
As well as I could know.

One day I walked in my back yard,
And oh. what did I see!
My seed had popped itself right out
Without consulting me.

By Gwendolyn Brooks



Seeds are buried deep-deep-deep.
In the soil they sleep-sleep-sleep.
Yellow sun is bright-bright-bright.
Raindrops falling light-light-light.
Gentle breezes blow-blow-blow.
See the little seed grow-grow-grow.

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